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Using Spotlight Feature In The New iPhone OS 3.0
[2009-07-31] I finally updated the operating system on my second generation iPhone and the new OS is definitely cool - and faster - but I'm not too sure how to use Spotlight, the search feature that so many people have been talking about on Twitter and elsewhere. What does it really do for me and how do I get to it?

Google Android Ion Boasts Long Lasting Battery Life
[2009-07-16] The Android Ion Phone from Google IO which is similar to the upcoming myTouch 3G has a battery life when compared to the G1 that just keeps going and going.

Record And Edit Video Directly On Your iPhone
[2009-07-01] One of the cool new features of the Apple iPhone 3GS is the ability to take videos. Nice, but I can't figure out how to get to the video camera? I know how to take photos, though, so I figure it's related to the iPhone camera (rather obviously, eh?) I have also heard that you can edit the video right there on the iPhone, but I don't believe it. I mean, isn't the screen too darn small?

New Palm Pre Comes Packed With Smart Phone Goodies
[2009-06-15] The Google Mobile blog confirmed last week that the new Palm Pre will come standard with numerous Google Apps such as Search, Maps and YouTube.

Increasing Return On Mobile PPC By Identifying Audience By Carrier
[2009-06-03] I sat in a session that's of great interest to me and that's mobile PPC (and mobile in general). Cindy Crum from Rank-Mobile opens up the session with a general outline of PPC ads, the devices they're built for and how you can create the ads.

Microsoft Adds Word Processing Power To The iPhone
[2009-05-21] Here is another app for your iPhone. I like this application. I might be getting an iPhone soon and if I do, I will be sure to get Quickoffice also. Quickoffice has been in the business of supplying productivity software to mobile devices for a number of years with 100 million applications running on the Palm, Nokia's Symbian, and other systems.

Avoiding Swine Flu by Using Your iPhone
[2009-05-01] Just when you thought there were enough iPhone apps, someone comes out with a new one. And the one now waiting for approval from Apple had better get the green light. After all, it is the Swine Flu Tracker-a dynamic program that tracks the spread of Swine Flu.

The Most Exciting Thing About Mobile Computing
[2009-04-10] What's the most significant thing about the iPhone? Is it the gorgeous design, the near-perfect blend of form and function? The easy way to make phone calls and send text messages? Perhaps the simple fact that you just know what to do without reading up on anything?

Mobile Web Takes Users Deeper Into Digital Existence
[2009-03-27] The Pew Research Center has released a report that gives some form to what many of us already know through experience; mobile web use takes web users deeper into their digital existence. As noted over at MediaPost the study takes a stab at coining some new phrases to describe the various types of people using the mobile web as part of their lives including "digital collaborator", "ambivalent networker" and "drifting surfer".

Mobile Web Growth Effected by the Recession
[2009-03-12] As The Economist points out for Mobile telecoms in the recession, it is Boom in the bust.

View Site Analytics On The iPhone
[2009-02-20] I was asked to take part in the beta test of this a few weeks ago, and I'm so lame I just finally got aroud to mentioning it. So if you've got an iPhone and you want to be able to check look at your analytics without firing up your laptop or netbook, this is actually a really really good app.

Retailers Need To Push Mobile Apps
[2009-02-04] In a recent Foresee Results survey of online shoppers, nearly a third said they used their mobile phone as part of a shopping trip. That means that 29% of these shoppers stood in a brick and mortar store, and pulled out their phone before deciding whether to make a purchase-which means that these retailers could be filling a significant gap.

Universal Visual Translator: ICOON
[2009-01-16] ICOON, Europe's most popular language dictionary, has made travelling easier than ever before. And now ICOON digital edition is conveniently available for download to your iPhone and iPod Touch for only 99 cents. Soon also available for Blackberry.

Accurate Mobile Analytics by Tealeaf
[2008-12-18] Helping companies monetize e-commerce via Web-capable mobile devices, Tealeaf®, today announced Tealeaf CX Mobile Experience Manager.

Early Speculations of 2009 Mobile Trends
[2008-12-05] As we approach the end of the year, here are five predictions from Bango on changes that will shape the mobile world during 2009.

Ten Great Apps For Nokia S60 N82 Smartphones
[2008-11-10] I'm often asked, what do I find are the most useful or coolest apps for my mobile? Well, it's tough to say as I use so many, however, I realized this week that a great way to determine which apps are most needed is to simply switch devices…

Mobile Computing is Giving Social Media a Redesign
[2008-10-31] In today's technology-driven society, we're using cell phones to do just about anything, from chatting with Grandma to watching Monday Night Football highlights. When we're constantly on-the-go, it's no wonder forgetting to grab our cell phone is kind of like forgetting to pick up the kids from daycare (yikes!).

Measuring the Mobile Traffic to Your Site
[2008-10-08] According to Nielsen Mobile the adoption of the mobile web has reached a critical mass.

Gphone Is Here (Mostly)
[2008-09-24] The much-discussed, oft-denied-until-confirmed Google Android "Gphone" is . . . here. Almost. Today's announcement doesn't come from the pages of the Wall Street Journal (okay, well, I did see it there, too), but from Google itself.

Mobile Web Content Consideration
[2008-09-12] It's great to see more mobile-friendly websites popping up every day, but if the site's content isn't selected carefully, it's possible to launch a mobile site that makes life harder for your users.

Google Gphone Coming Soon
[2008-08-21] The Google Gphone is coming. The Gphone is coming. But what exactly will it look like. TechCrunch opined a month ago that Gphone may really happen, and the Ammunition Group may be designing it.

Designing Your Blog for Mobile Devices
[2008-07-30] When visiting websites on your mobile device, there's nothing more frustrating than waiting for a site to load when that site contains huge numbers of images and other graphical paraphernalia.

New Nokia Mobile Widget Platform
[2008-07-10] A tip from my friends at Nokia... Nokia now offers free downloadable, standalone widgets enabled by Web Runtime Technology (WRT) for the latest S60-based devices. The new widgets are available on widgets.nokia.mobi.

Skype 4 Beta Makes Some Big Improvements
[2008-06-20] Skype, the internet phone service, has opened a public beta test of Skype 4, the next version of the software you use to make phone and video calls and do text messaging.

Benefits of IMAP over POP for Gmail Mobile
[2008-05-30] Gmail Help Center Guru, Sze-jun Tsai has posted a very useful post on the Gmail Blog about configuring your Gmail account on mobile devices using IMAP rather than POP.

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